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Our Mission Statement

WCVC is a direct result of finding solutions to currently used cooking appliances and previously invented spice and flavour delivery systems such as the Transformpack products.

We continue to promote and create strategic alliances within the scope of better food for all, at an easier and more cost effective and consistent way to prepare it.   Our early connections and interests from the market are supporting this strategy that will expand to a wide range of dual branded products for the Industrial, Institutional and Retail sectors. Our close association with the Transformpack patents and its success on the Industrial market, the company will now expand its reach to household around the world.

Our commitment to excellency, healthy and high quality products that are easy to use, produce consistent result at the consumer level is our highest goal.

This thinking is open to all companies within the food and drink industry and we can provide secure and simple solutions with a team of innovative thinkers and lots of experience in this sector.

The revolutionary cooking solution

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