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About Alison

Hans Meier


With more than 50 years in the food business Hans brings an interesting line of experiences and achievement to his position. As a founder and active participant in the formation of companies, trade organizations, world class colleges and a string of patents to his name, he has proven to be able to foresee trends in today's market and create products and solution to both industrial and consumer food preparation and processes. His inventions are unique solutions to many of the current food trends and will continue to do so for a long time to come. His approach is the forming of strategic partners in the industry to maximize benefits to  such partners and their products.

Franz Schedlbauer


In the former position of a chief executive officer and co-owner of Austria' largest milling company, Mr. Schedlbauer is able to offer and to contribute a lot of experience and knowledge in marketing, advertising, technical master-grade, nutrition, nutrition chemistry, dietary advising, agricultural education, enzymatic technology, food processing master-grade,  and milling and pasta technology. His contribution is to market the products "Kitchen Wizard“ and "TransForm Pack spice sheets" internationally and to attract partners from the industry.

Roy Meier

VP North America

As the owner and operator of BBK Steel Detailing Inc. in Hamilton, Ontario; he is able to provide technical drawings and designs to a wide range of products and product ideas. His experience with the food industry in chain restaurants and with his involvement in managing and developing the Transformpack Inc. production, and the production of the machinery brings a unique angle to WSVC®. Roy and his team at BBK continue to support patent applications and technical support on design of machines for the Industrial and Institutional use as well as managing the IT programs for the company.

Mag. Christian Schedlbauer

Secretary Treasurer

After completing his studies in economics specializing in financing and organization at the University of Graz in Austria, Christian Schedlbauer gained experience as the authorized signatory and co-owner of Austria’s largest private mill. There he was responsible for accounting, organization, marketing and financing. He also gained experience as a key account manager in the Austrian food retail sector. For years, he also worked as a representative of the milling industry at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. Even in his earlier positions as a managing director in other fields such as marketing services or real estate, he was always responsible for the areas of strategic development and strategy concepts, organization and financing.

The revolutionary cooking solution

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