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The waterless sous vide cooker® is a newly patent pending invention that has been based on solid food science, cooking facts that are represented by sous vide, vacuum packing, home appliances and devices currently on the market. The innovations are represented with several patents of air removal, flavouring and improvements of the protein, conditions and improvements of the pressure cooking aspects and low temperature food preparations.

The attached and closely connected Transformpack system, produced by patented machinery to ensure consistency, quality and food safety improvements should not be separated from any sous vide or vacuum packing activities; whether performed with the new WSVC® apparatus or existing home appliances.

There are a number of mitigating facts that should be considered when vacuum packing or sous vide cooking that support the use of the Transformpack system and its resulting benefits. They are as follows:

  • Food safety: The Transformpack system delivers a low dosage of a food acid and other food preserving articles such as salt and sugar to the surface of the food, and as a result extends the shelf life and quality of the food.

  • It cauterizes the surface of proteins preventing odours, loss of moisture and the growth of bacteria while holding the spices in place. Surface bacteria causes rancidity and odours within the vacuum bag which increase with refrigerator and freezer storing. These odours and their resulting tastes cannot be removed with low heat or conventional sous vide cooking. In some cases, they can be strong enough for the consumer to discard the item.

  • The spice sheet not only masked such odours but prevents them from forming

How it works

How it works

In sous vide cooking the food is vacuum packed and then submerged in a water bathe that holds the designated temperature until the food itself has reached this temperature to its core.  By maintaining this temperature, there is no way of over cooking the item. The food then, can be maintained basically indefinitely as there is no fear of bacterial growth at temperatures over 60°c.  In some cases it might continue to tenderize the meat as the enzymes that are present in the meat still remain active and the collegian structure, or connective tissue continues to soften.

The created vacuum pressure of the cooking bag only remains until the plastic of the cooking bag weakens with the heat of the water bath, and therefore the meat starts to leak its fluids (albumins), which then can be seen as a white substance in the finished cooked bag. The only pressure remaining is that of the water itself which is not sufficient to hold in all of the moisture, or stop the constricting of the connective tissues, rendering the meat somewhat chewy.

The system, because of the low cooking temperature, will not create normal cooking tastes as such tastes can only be created by cooking with higher temperatures where the sugars are caramelized to various degrees.  Therefore, it is recommended that food produced with these appliances is further subjected to the conventional cooking before consumed. Basically, cancelling out all the benefits of low heat cooking, by adding fat and frying the food just so it will taste better. Gone are the benefits of less cleaning and healthy eating.


The Solution

The WSVC® Appliance combined with the Transformpack flavour system overcomes all of these shortcomings and delivers a finished, ready to eat product every time. No further steps of cooking are necessary, leaving all the benefits of low heat cooking in place, leaving your kitchen clean and so much more.

Cooking under pressure has long been discovered, for example the tasty Kentucky fried chicken is cooked in a pressure cooker. A few great things for cooking under pressure are as follows:

  • It speeds up the process and therefore cooks faster.

  • It tenderizes the food as it prevents the connective tissues from contracting.

  • It maintains the natural shape of the meat and infuses the flavours delivered by the Spice sheets.

  • It kills bacteria and retains the moisture in the meat.


Your new WSVC® appliance presses the air out of the bag through external pressure and then seals the bag.

The spice sheet is activated immediately and starts to develop the tastes for which it was designed for. Spice sheets come in endless variety of flavours and culinary factions and can deliver anything from smoke to Whisky, or nutritional additives such as minerals and Vitamins.

The low temperature cooking ensures that such nutritional values are maintained to the benefits of the consumer. The pressure that is created by air is maintained at its desired value throughout the cooking cycle, until the completion of the cooking duration when you take your food out of the machine. These are just a few of the Pro's to owning a Waterless Sous Vide Cooking® machine:

  • There are no clean-ups or chances of cross contaminating your food.

  • No after cooking procedures, or dealing with vacuum sealing and then discarding the water bath.

  • There are no chances for your cooking bag to leak and spoiling your food because the water has entered the bag.

  • The countertop foot print is small and some units can be installed on the wall.

  • It operates on 12 Volt and therefore is low energy consuming.

  • The outcome taste and quality of your meat is 100% consistent and predictable.


As we are working with a number of International brands the system will soon come in every shade of colour, size and shape. From build-in concepts to countertop units, from wall mounted units for 2 persons or family sizes, or choose one to match your Kitchen colours and design.

We are working on Industrial and Institutional models that will come in all kinds of shape and size to fit your space and product specifications.

The spice sheets are also custom formulated to your needs and specifications.  For larger producers, their own spice and flavour suppliers can be activated to formulate for your product’s needs.

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