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Investment Opportunities

Interested in becoming an investor? Follow the link below to Learn how to become part of our investment team.

Becoming a Distrubutor

Interested in becoming a distributor? Follow the link below to Learn how to become part of our distribution team.

We are working on Industrial and Institutional models that will come in all kinds of shape and size to fit your space and product specifications. From build-in concepts, to counter top units, from wall mounted units for two persons or family sizes that match the rest of your Kitchen colours and design.

The spice sheets are also custom formulated to your needs and specifications.  For larger producers, their own spice and flavour suppliers can be activated to formulate for your product’s needs.

WSVC® is committed to provide development guidance for all versions of the cooking device. We are able to provided information for the following:

  • Basic units

  • Camp cooking units

  • Build ins

  • Institutional

  • Industrial

  • Health care installations

  • Remote control units

  • Smart installation

  • International specifications

  • Brand selections


The revolutionary cooking solution

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